@ Gupta Media

smartURL Blog

Developed a Wordpress blog which houses tips and tricks for smartURL users, written by the experts at Gupta Media.

Mysteryland USA - Tickets

Developed a redesign of the Mysteryland USA music festival's tickets page.

Country 500

Developed the Country 500 music festival website.


FFXIV Marketing

To complement my gameplay of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, I decided to create a tool to track sales from the in-game market.

NodeJS Express ReactJS MongoDB

Chimera Reader - Website

My friends created a cool VR app called Chimera Reader, and I built the website for it.

Ruby Rails


See who's having the most fun at a concert or show. The more you dance, the more you score. Developed in one week during the 2015 RIT iOS App Challenge.

iOS Swift Objective-C